Friday, October 12, 2007


I love doing quick studies of paintings from the masters. Maybe not an old master but this is a copy of a painting from Malcolm Liepke. I added some things that weren't in the original though like that red texture. I think its extremely beneficial to really study how others paint and use color etc. Its also a lot of fun!
This was around 2 hours done in photoshop. Dammit I need to get away from that program but its fun to try and make it look like paint. Next time I'll use the real thing. I've caught myself a couple times reaching for my Command E (eraser tool) key while sketching on paper. :|

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I finally made it to figure drawing last night! It's been a loong time. I find it so relaxing though and its a good way to clear my head. It is good to be going again and I can't wait till next week. If I had more time I'd go every night. Its a full class though so I usually have to make the best of the view that I have. Anyway, this was done in close to an hour. I'm a bit rusty. Things are maybe looking a little unaligned though in the butt-crack area.