Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm not dead

Forever...that's how long it's been since I've posted anything new. I do have some good excuses. I was in Singapore for a few weeks living it up beachside. It was an amazing place despite the oven-like heat and humidity that hits you like a wall the minute you walk out of the airport. I adjusted quickly though and took advantage of the pool, the cool ocean breezes, and the 40 cent ice cream. I would definitely go back again so long as I can tolerate the 25 hour flight that leaves you with the worst pain in the butt. That all goes away though once you get there and see that you're in paradise. I miss it already! the smell of food, the shopping, walking and riding the train instead of driving, and the diversity of cultures that all live peacefully together. (4.5 milllion people on an island that's only 3.5 times bigger than D.C.) Claustrophobics beware!
Anyway, I wish I had some cool things to post from my trip there besides pictures. All I have is this... a quick study from my sketchbook that I played around with in PS. Not very much of a memorial to my vacation.


Jose Darias said...

Hey I like your work Jen , is beautiful (sorry my english)

see u soon!

joy said...

hi there i chanced upon ur blog while doing my qrt research. i know this post was from a couple of months ago, but i cant resist leaving a comment after reading it. im a singaporean, well, majority are dying for a chance to travel to somewhere with crystal clear shores and big fields. i believe ur country has tt. we try to avoid being out too much when its really hot, the heat is merciless. before i miss my whole point of commenting here, i really adore your artwork