Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"ancient Stonefish ruins"

Here's a quick speed painting that took about 30 minutes. It's part of the ancient "stonefish" ruins..a very sacred place that lies in the most remote shallow depths of the under water world. I'm sure you've heard it, right? Or not since I just made it up...I think. Just be careful where you step.


Barnard Cyrus said...

wow i will add a link from my blog to yours. amazing work

C.B. Canga said...

hi jen

first time i have stumbled upon this site. i will surely link it up to my blog.

you work is awesome! keep it up. talk to you more later.


Pagas said...

Great Works!


Goran said...

WOW! Amazing work. I like the choice of palette and the way you capture the lighting in your pieces. Inspiring.

cdeboda said...

Once again, like all your other works, great color choices and lighting. Cool concept too!

And very nice sketches on your previous post as well.

Juan Manuel said...

wow! I like this senstion of...wather

Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful work!!!