Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog reconstruction

I finally did some redecorating on my other blog/portfolio site. Betcha didn't even know I had another one. Anyway, I added some new work so check it out!

Also, here is a piece I did a while ago...still not really finished with some things but thought I might as well post it anyway. Kinda just experimenting with these last couple of posts. :)


C.Deboda said...

Hey that portfolio site is looking NICE! Funny, I made a 2nd blog/folio site recently too that looks pretty similar actually (tho yours looks better!)

These recent characters posts here looks cool too. Kinda different approach than what I'm used to seeing on here?

JeN said...

Thanks Chris! I still have a ton of work to post but it's getting there, I guess. I didn't see a link to your other site anywhere...I'd love to check it out, unless it's only for clients.

Yeah, just some quick experiments with the recent characters. Trying something a little different from what I'm usually doing. :>)

Marcelo Vignali said...

Beautiful, it's like you found these in an attic.

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